Tuesday, 9 December 2014

below the surface

Two years in the making, first recordings of voice and guitar at One Ton Studios,Victoria, Canada, in July 2012, additional music added by the best musicians I know during 2012 and 2013 in the Emergency Room Studios, Barcelona   Mixed at the same studios in Barcelona and  mastered in the USA in 2014, finally "below the surface" was born, the new album of Gurdeep Stephens, Santi Careta and myself, with a lot of invited guests.

(click on CD cover to enlarge it and see the song selection)

Because our first album was called "you, woman" - see the other blog post below - we three now call ourselves the youwomangroup, with YouTube channel www.youtube.com/youwomangroup.

Like the first album, all the music is my own, composed many years (decades?) ago, and finally laid down permanently.  There are poems in five languages: English, French, Italian, Afrikaans and Greek.  Take a listen to the title track, featuring the three of us, Gurdeep singing, Santi on electric guitar and banjo and myself on classical guitar:

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Analysing data in ecology

My latest book is on analysing multivariate data in ecological research. "Multivariate" means consisting of many variables, which is important since biological diversity is the product of the interaction between many living species, as well as the many factors that characterize the environment in which the species live.   Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data is a comprehensive and structured explanation of how to analyse and interpret ecological data observed on many variables, both biological and environmental. Written with Raul Primicerio, from the Unıversity of Tromsø, the book is available for free download at the website www.multivariatestatistics.org, thanks to the publisher, the BBVA Foundation in Spain.