Sunday, 6 March 2011

Science magazine's special data issue

The magazine Science has a special issue "Dealing with Data" in February. In their podcast there's a fascinating description of the amount of information circulating in digital form now compared to the amount of information in nature.  Listen to it here:


  1. Overwhelming! To maintain a blog of this nature means "hard work". But then you know all about focus, concentration and simply "work". I suggest you share with many your stupendous efforts with your special picture format (like a split screen) you have created! (You have the copyright - like I once watched you doing a Mathematics CD in Catalan - all too much for my much smaller "brain"). To do a blog the real effort is with the UPDATES - its like keeping a journal each day - one writes and "writes". We all have ONLY so much time - and doing a blog takes that time. I certainly am your audience - and so will others!

    Volker Hooyberg

  2. Great blog Michael
    Beautiful design.
    Loved the "tipping" song