Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Statistical songs

I've written several songs at conferences and workshops, often based on an existing song. For example, It Don't Mean a Thing (if you ain't got that swing), by Duke Ellington, turned out to be It Don't Mean a Thing (if you don't do modelling), sung by Gurdeep Stephens at the opening of the International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, in Barcelona, July, 2007:

    It don't mean a thing if you don't do modelling,
    It don't matter if you're frequentist or Bayesian,
    You just need a model with some alphas and betas, x's and y's, and i's and j's and k's in,
    So it don't mean a thing etc...

You can find this and many more (It Ain't Necessarily So, The Model I Love and Summertime) sung by the inimitable Gurdeep Stephens at

A more recent one was at the 6th CARME conference, held in Rennes in February 2011. CARME stands for "Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods" and is also a Catalan woman's name, so I really wanted to make a song for this event. A doctoral student in statistics, Yuna Blum, who sings in a rock group in Rennes, agreed to sing them at the conference dinner. Here she is singing CARME on my Mind:

You can also hear Yuna singing CARMEtime at, and she also did two French songs, Les Feuilles Mortes and Bambino which you can find at

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